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This is the beautiful front door area that he covered with misshapen bricks. He built a stoop that is convex & makes my knee ache every time I step up.

He is charging around $2,000 for a sloppily renovated studio.
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From the vault X

I don't remember seeing this but it's definitely my handwriting. It wasn't even typed. Well, yeah, easy to see why. I'm more easily charmed now than 30 years ago, it seems.

Art & Pete: A play

Setting: Cross-country automobile, a 66 Olds Dynamic 88, somewhere in Kansas.
Characters: Art & Pete, Art driving

Well, ain’t I modern!
[He does a wheelie.]
Turquoise no longer!

Pete [sings]
Irish, Irish, buried 50 years
Irish lad, name o’ peat.

Hark! A hitchhiker!
[He pulls over.]

The hitchhiker is an iguana wearing a day-glo purple afro wig & a straw skirt. Hitchhiker gets into the back seat.

Well, hell-o, boys!

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Ms Attention Span

I was starting today's post, when someone knocked on my door—a rare occurrence. It was my neighbor having trouble with his key & would his boxes be OK for the few minutes it took him to go around the corner to the landlord. Of course!

Now, what was I about to say?

Was it  Read More 
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Love the one you're with

That's my motto for 2017, I think. I'm trying to not get distracted, not wish I was doing something else the minute I start doing something.

My other motto, in line with my intention to focus on my main goals is: First things first.

Other years my mottos have been:
Just say yes
Art First
Go around the iceberg
Don't drop the ball on your head
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Starting off right

Sam & Jack Berrigan offer a fresh perspective at the Poetry Project Marathon.
Some things I can't find:
• A long orange extension cord that's always been in my office

• My favorite green burned-velvet scarf

• My sister-in-law's email

• The why. The words.

• The time.

• A calendar for the house. (I have Steve's garden calendar at my office.)

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