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I still Heart snow

It was a snow-hater's snowstorm this morning. Not a lot came down, it was clear it wasn't going to last, it wasn't cold, and it was pretty as hell. Also, it was a late-winter snow & we've already had some spring-like days, so this seemed like a treat rather than a harbinger (again, for those who aren't excited about winter).  Read More 
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Speaking one's mind

I admit I frequently hesitate to say what I think, in print, when it comes to charged issues. For one thing, I feel like I never have enough information to be sure enough of my opinions; they're in process & I may find another nuance or side if I wait, if I choose discussion over monologue. (That's a little chicken, I know.) Read More 
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This is one of our better boards, with some of the commentary.
Lierati was invented at Blue Mountain Center in the Adirondacks around 20 years ago. It's Scrabble but with made-up words. The rules are that they have to be "real" English words (no "qzvwiix") & you have to provide a definition.

Different schools have developed over the years. Some people make up words that are needed but there isn't already a term for: the scrapings left after a stirfry, for example, or the specific noise made in reaction to a New Yorker cartoon. Others  Read More 
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A little poem from the past IV

March 10

don’t stick your tongue
in my mouth

when we social kiss
why do beautiful women
fall so hard?

“he doesn’t treat them as though
they’re beautiful”
our band was noise

we were rock
once you swept me off my feet

to a payday lunch
staying on your relaxed side
is like pulling elephant’s teeth  Read More 
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