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Jersey girl

I had to ask Joel Lewis why I'd been considered an honorary Jersey poet, & he remembered better than I did that I used to work in Englewood. It was so much fun to have my family at my reading in Jersey City; to hear Sanjay's terrific story & some of the open readers;  Read More 
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Huff puff

Meetings, assignments, deadlines, & in between, as much of my sister as we can manage. Hence the short shrift I've been giving to me blog.
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I don't want to say what this is beyond it being an image I like
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Just bought my ticket & am going in 4 weeks. I am too excited to think about anything else. I haven't been in such a long time & I have lots of relatives to see. I'll be visiting people in London, Liverpool & Wales, & plan to do some fun things as well. I used to go so frequently  Read More 
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The Cloisters

Why don't I go up there all the time, other than that it's a rather long train ride? It's so wonderful to get lost in the medieval art & stones, with that view of the Hudson & the gardens of Fort Tryon Park along the way.

We stopped into the Mother Cabrini shrine just south of the Park. Her actual remains are there in a glass case. She died in 1917. She had a very nice face & is the patron saint of immigrants. I wish all those wall-builders would stop in & talk to the lovely nuns (sisters? is that the same thing?).  Read More 
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Crumpet cravings

My sister's in town & we're feeling veddy British. Also, I have been looking all over for crumpets, yummmmmmm, which I remember my mother making, but she says she & her mother bought crumpet pans & it was such a pain that they only did it once. Is that the time I remember? Turns out they're available at an all-things-British shop just a block away from me. Yummmmmmmmmmmm. Read More 
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We decided to play hooky & see the new Tina Fey movie, rushing to make the 10:45 show. (Half price! $8 + 29¢ tax.) Noticing that she'd given us tickets for the 11:45, we went back down many flights of stairs, only to learn that the 10:45 referred to p.m. Since we were so crazy early, we decided we'd watch  Read More 
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Grove Court ("The Last Leaf")

How is it I never saw Grove Court before? Set back off of Grove Street, between Hudson and Bedford in the West Village, it is so unexpected to come upon as we were strolling around.

I've since discovered that this beautiful, charming set of houses was the least desirable place to live in mid-19th century New York City (they were built 1848–54). They "lacked all the vestiges of respectability—the houses were small, lacked the stoops so common among the brownstones of the day, and, most glaringly, were devoid of any prestigious street frontage." Its denizens were so poor that they couldn't afford a proper pint of ale and "had to resort to drinking a foul concoction—the nasty dregs that remained in their local barkeeps' beer barrel. Literally the 'bottom of the barrel.' Hence Grove Court's old moniker—'Mixed Ale Alley.' (It was also referred to as 'Pig Alley.')" Read More 
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Overheard, 5th St & 1st Ave

Man with cane: When you get old, you just worry about walking.

Young person: How old ARE you?

Man with cane (in tone of "I'm the oldest person the world will ever know"): FIFTY!
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Sunday, Sunday III

The cat jumped onto Johnny's crotch, who flailed me awake before 5. I had to clean the kitchen table & stove before I could find a library book that's due tomorrow. I ate half a cheddar-apple omelet. After Pilates, Maggie & I set out in search of a kitten, but Read More 
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