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Down by the river

While the Hudson River front has been fancied up for a long time, the east side has been neglected for almost as long. All you saw down there were families barbecuing & softball games. We dodged potholes, fishermen & scary guys, all the while marveling that we did indeed live on an island. For many years the East River path was completely closed.

Not anymore. Slowly they've paved the sidewalks, planted ornamental grasses, added a green-roof program, and installed art. Still not crowded, though, & still has that just-us feeling of the end of the line.  Read More 
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Clock is ticking—I'm going to see Rachelle Garniez in a little while, had a meeting this afternoon, & class before that, had to deposit my IRS refund ($1.12!) & didn't get this written, barely got my Norwegian studied, & no Torah learned (yet). Where did the day go?
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Auntie Irene

Auntie Irene's daughter, my cousin Barbie, said they figured out Auntie Irene had had at least 10 proposals.

So why did you marry your (horrible) first husband?

"He was such a good dancer!" she said.
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This is as good as 311. It's aimed at people without documents, but to erase any stigma, it's available to anyone who lives in New York City. They sweeten the pot by including a free one-year membership in 3 dozen city cultural institutions: the Metropolitan, the Museum of Natural History, Wave Hill, & more. Took 10 minutes to get.

I can't make a breezy transition to what I've been thinking since the Paris  Read More 
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I got waylaid in writing here today by the news of the horrible attacks in France.
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Lucky me

1) It rained during class but not before & after, when I was riding my bike to the dojo & back.
2) I dropped my sunglasses, went back to where I'd locked my bike, & there they were.
3) I have work, but not today. A freelancer's favorite state.
4) I didn't have a heart  Read More 
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War stories

We were "Air Force hippies," our eyes opened to the unjust war in Vietnam only by doing as our fathers did, joining up. Or we were against the war, but thought the Air Force was different from the Army. Or we were antiwar protestors who reconsidered our contempt in order to be friends with soldiers. We were cynical about red-white-&-blue holidays but we loved our home ground & its people. We became friends then because of our politics & many of us remain friends now despite our politics.  Read More 
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Rainy day

How can I feel like doing anything?

Studied Norwegian adverbs, which are HARD.

Thought about going to the store, but uninspired towards any food at all.

Tried to clear up to-do lists from the past 10 days.

Did a couple of things then consolidated, so I didn't have as many days with items.


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I swallowed a fly

Perhaps I'll die.

But before that, I plan to cough my lungs inside out.

It was one of those pesky drain flies that sneak into your eyes, nose, & mouth.

It happened while Susie Timmons was telling me about her trip to Indonesia, & I finally had to hang up because when she made me laugh,  Read More 
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Eat, digest, eat, digest

So much to take in & then you have to figure out what to do with it. Or maybe not: it's possible to watch hours of Big Bang Theory, say, every day for years & never have the urge to create your own sitcom.

But poetry leads to poetry, doesn't it? Does anyone read a lot of poetry without wanting to try their hand at it?  Read More 
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