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The Double Yews II

Fun! We had fun & I think the audience did too. Or so they have said.

Fun. Yes, a good thing in poetry indeed.

Our show had the right combination of amateur & professional—that is, enthusiastic in execution but not necessarily polished, and professional in knowing what we were doing in putting the works together.

Set list: Read More 
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The Double Yews

Nervous & excited to play tonight. I was going to wait till tomorrow & report how it went but pretty distracted at the moment. Annabel Lee & I have been matching up the work of American poets with popular & familiar tunes. Then we play them with lots of different instruments—guitar, harmonica, fiddle, piano, noisemakers, & more. It's fun & I hope it illuminates both the poems & the songs. More on this tomorrow.  Read More 
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More Party than Arty

Me, my second Marty, & dimly, Eddie Berrigan
My face looks like that because we advertised ourselves as doing Mud Boxing. There used to be an exfoliating product called Mudd so our suggestive lure had a basis in reality. I fought Rose Lesniak, who kept saying "don't hit me in the face, I'm an actress!" Finally, I said, on the count of 3 let's both just fall down. We did, & everyone yelled Fixxxxxxxxxx! I guess she wasn't that good of an actress. This was part of a Jeff Wright extravaganza at Charas called More Party than Arty. Early '80s.  Read More 
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RIP, Lorca Dubris

Lorca got sick pretty suddenly but it turned out it was evidence of some terrible problems. Today Maggie took the difficult & responsible step of euthanizing her.

Lorca—a cat more full of curiosity than any I know, who took an interest even in the vet's room, sick as she was. A fat cat who got skinny. A 15-year-old who was almost put down 14 years ago—truly a rescue. A cat who saw Maggie through an awful lot. A tolerant cousin to my spitty Dante & hungry Buster. A lovely presence.  Read More 
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New art!

"Sail" by Shanee Epstein
I love Shanee Epstein's work & have been to many of her shows at her gallery in Brooklyn. I never bought anything, partly because I liked almost everything so could never make up my mind, partly because I didn't trust my eye, partly because I wasn't sure it was OK to spend money on art.

Luckily, Johnny doesn't have a problem with any of these. We finally agreed on a colorful piece ("Skylight"), only to find out it had just been sold. So he ("we") bought the piece I liked best from the start. I love the 3D texture and subtle prairie-like colors, and it reminds me of a bookshelf—but Shanee calls it "Sail." Emily Dickinson, thank you: "there is no frigate like a book."  Read More 
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