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Am I biased? Are you?

It's well established that people have a “bias blind spot,” meaning that they are less likely to detect bias in themselves than in others. But how blind to our own bias are we Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have developed a tool to measure the bias blind spot, and found that those who believe they are less biased than their peers—which is almost everyone—are less likely to be a good judge of situations and actions.

For example, physicians assume that gifts  Read More 
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The chickens & the eggs

Why do chickens lay eggs every day? Other birds don't do that, right? Does someone sit around training—coaxing? whipping?—chickens to lay daily?

It turns out they lay an egg a day till they have a clutch of about a dozen eggs that they then sit on. If the eggs are taken away, they keep laying.

Some further facts & a question:
* Some hens are bred to have a  Read More 
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10 things I will never do (again)

Study Sanskrit
Yiddish camp
Sleep with Derek Jeter
The heart attack
Marry Johnny Stanton
To the moon
Play third base for the New York Yankees
Change my name
Throw a couch out the window
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El Bosco for the ages

Robyn fell for Bosch at the Prado—I mean, who wouldn't?—and emailed me the other day: "An internet genius in the modern age blew up this bit and transcribed the notes into playable music and someone else on the internet decided to write lyrics to the butt-written tune and record said song in Gregorian chant style. This is why the internet is the greatest thing ever!!!"

While I love all the cute kitten and tear-jerking dog videos, the  Read More 
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One Misty-Moisty Morning II

I just read that "moist" is "the worst word ever" and a 2012 New Yorker poll that asked readers to choose a word to scrub from the English language in 2012 chose moist by overwhelming consensus (I would have nominated "knotty pine"). Why?

In three experiments, researchers from Oberlin University in Ohio and Trinity University in San Antonio found that more than 20 percent of participants where averse to the word.

Again, why?  Read More 
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Dance to the Music of Time

Dance to the Music of Time, by Anthony Powell (1905–2000) is 12 volumes of autobiographical fiction & even though I'm only halfway through I am already looking ahead to—well, starting it again, most likely.

It's fun to run across gems like the below but reading the whole thing is like floating in a warm pool on the first day of vacation: you can't imagine ever doing anything better.

Some Powell quotations:
The nearest some women get to being faithful to their husband is making it unpleasant for their lover.  Read More 
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Dinner with my girls

Oh my darlings Sylvie & June!

Sylvie, age 7, gives the most fervent hugs ever. We are planning a date, just the two of us., & we're both excited to think of something special to do. "When I was little."

June is at the age (4) where she likes jokes but  Read More 
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My day, my life

= Eddie, my beloved mailman, is retiring August 1.
= Eileen is going away for most of the summer.
= My dermatologist said, No one from the office calls you back? No one here takes MY calls.
= Michelle emailed, "I tried to leave and she told me I have to stay because they paid for me to be here" so we  Read More 
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Pedal Acupoint Massage Equipment

Someone gave this to Johnny.
Some information & instruction (translated from Korean):

Application for Special Population
1) Sub-health people with weariness, ennui and unknown etiology.
2) Office worker of sitting and standing for a long time, and driver.
3) People of treasuring own body, pursuing the health, worried about aging and illness, and liking building stronger bones.

Function Characteristics
1) Promoting the blood circulation and smooth to eliminate the weariness.
2) Adjusting the rhythm of sport and relaxing to improve the sleeping.
3) Enhancing the metabolic functions to keep the bloom.
5) Adjusting the secretion of balance function to build stronger bones and keep beautiful face.

Application Method
1) The foot massager machine is made from natural wood.
2) The use time of foot massager machine is within 2–10 minutes.
3) When using the foot massager machine, body need to be kept the upright posture, left and right feet need to be alternately trampled (i.e. trample on the same place). Read More 
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One Misty-Moisty Morning

Probably the first poem I learned by heart—I must have been 4 or 5—was "One Misty-Moisty Morning," which I always assumed my mother brought with her from England. South Dakota, being a prairie state, didn't get much fog, but I recited it any time we got a little, and I still do. I've only ever met one other person who knew it.

One misty-moisty morning
When cloudy was the weather
There I met an old man
Clothèd all in leather.
He began to compliment
And I began to grin.
How d'you do, and how d'you do
And how d'you do again.

There are variants on these words but this is the way it's in my head.  Read More 
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