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A not-as-perfect day

Even though it's my beloved sister's birthday & the weather is better than I expected & I had a not-bad class (meaning my knees held up) & a really nice lunch (salad of greens, goat cheese, walnuts & cranberries), & I got started on an article (only to find out that the expert I need is out of the  Read More 
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A perfect day

Slept late (till 6), took a nice soaky bath in which I finished a book called Riding with Strangers, about hitchhiking, Johnny brought breakfast from B&H (challah french toast), I got out of the tub & fell asleep for a few more hours (very unusual), Johnny & I giggled, finally got dressed & went  Read More 
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My first book, published in 1980 by Misty Terrace Press
Wow, I used to think about cars so much & now they have dropped out of my daily life the way the Yankees dropped out of the pennant race. I loved cars & now I barely can tell one square silver car from another. I used to go fast because I knew the car could do it—I just had to let myself trust it. The last time I drove, in the mountains of western North Carolina, I couldn't do it. My days of flooring every car I get behind the wheel of are over.

When the last car I owned got stolen (in 1998), I walked around saying, I'm a pedestrian, I'm a pedestrian. It was like trying to get used to suddenly being six feet tall. I'm a pedestrian. I didn't believe it, & now I'm not a driver at all. I loved driving, I used to drive cross-country at the drop of a hat, & now I get around on a bicycle.

I'm a pedestrian. I'm a pedestrian.  Read More 
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Oliver Nuse II

Rushland Quarry in Winter, Michener Art Museum (Roy Nuse)
Ollie's father was well-regarded artist Roy C. Nuse (1885–1975); his daughter, Judy Belasco, is a painter and his son, Ronald, is a photographer. Did I ever ask him about his marriage? his family? All I knew was that he had kids older than me. I didn't quite understand that people even had pasts. Stories, adventures, but not pasts. I do remember him telling me he finally figured out that work wasn't nearly as important as family. He never said things as advice, just musings. Did Ollie display his art or his father's in his place in Maine that I visited so often? If he did,  Read More 
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Oliver Nuse

Hills Beyond Wrightstown, Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia
I was a callow 20-something living in Maine when I met Ollie Nuse. He lived in a real house & made me real dinners. We were hippies who lived in an unheated shack (owned in part by Ollie) without hot water, an indoor toilet or interior walls. It's how we wanted to live, but I did love visiting Ollie over in Stockton Springs.

I'm the same age now as he was when we knew each other. That 38-year age difference now seems—what?— Read More 
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A sentence I like

Someone mentioned a blog where people post the most beautiful sentence they read each week. I couldn't find it but here's my candidate for today:

This cursed ground, which no one would have had as a gift to sow with a pinch of turnip-seed, is an earthly paradise for the Bees and Wasps. —Jean-Henri Fabre (1823-1915)  Read More 
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Cat snugli

My cat Buster loves to sleep on me. So I'm thinking it would be great to get one of those wraps that people use to wear a baby. Would he like it? Is he too heavy for it? I'd better give him a peticure first, in case he's inclined to fight while he's getting used to it. I want to bring him to work & around the neighborhood. Johnny & Karen think this makes me "a crazy cat lady."

If so, blame Toxoplasma gondii, says a Czech scientist named Jaroslav Flegr, a microbe in cat poop that "rewires circuits in parts of the brain that deal with such primal emotions as fear, anxiety, and sexual arousal," according to an article in The Atlantic. Flegr "believes that the organism contributes to car crashes, suicides, and mental disorders such as schizophrenia." In fact, his epidemiological research found that people who tested positive for the parasite were about 2.5 times as likely to be in a traffic accident as their uninfected peers. "When you add up all the different ways it can harm us, says Flegr, 'Toxoplasma might even kill as many people as malaria, or at least a million people a year.'” [click on photo caption to read the whole piece] Read More 
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This goes back close to 20 years: I met a guy from India & asked where he was from. "Mumbai," he told me. I politely said I had never heard of it. "It's the most populous city in India." Really? Wow, what a hick I am! He finally relented & mumbled that they had just changed its name from Bombay. Oh, Bombay!

For some reason, I was adding cities to my weather app the other day & found out that Mumbai is on a different clock. If it's 3:30 p.m. right now in New York, it's 1 a.m. tomorrow in Mumbai. Why?  Read More 
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Happy holidays

No blog till Sunday, October 12, & I'll be off again October 16 & 17.
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cups by Sally Mara Sturman
I feel like the guy who fed his horse a little less every day, & just when he got him down to nothing at all, the horse died. I gradually cut down on caffeine for a month before the holidays, mixing in more & more decaf, until I—well, I didn't die, & even better, I didn't have that coffee headache on Yom Kippur. I merely woke up every day as awake as I was gonna be.

Yom Kippur was Saturday. Sunday I overslept & was able to launch myself right out the door in 10 minutes, since I didn't have to make coffee. Then I went home &  Read More 
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