Sioux Falls memory

December 9, 2018

Tags: Sioux Falls

In the summer we kids would get to ride in the back of the station wagon in our pajamas to the A&W on Minnesota Avenue & maybe 28th or 29th Street. We usually weren't allowed to order a root beer float with ice cream but we did get baby-size mugs of root beer. So delicious. I loved those heavy glasses.

America's pinkest city

August 31, 2017

Tags: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I love when my hometown shows up in the news (at least when it's for beauty not some crazy dingbat move by a senator or state rep).

This article talks about Sioux quartzite, a very hard, reddish stone. My high school & many important downtown buildings, along with some of the fancy late 19th-century homes on Prairie & Duluth avenues, are made of Sioux quartzite, so it never seemed that special because so ubiquitous. Beautiful, for sure, but how was I to know it wasn't like this everywhere? (more…)

High school redux

August 25, 2014

Tags: Washington High School, Sioux Falls

5 Sioux Falls girls: Jacque, Stacey, Bessie, Becky, me
It's going to take a lot of sorting & thinking before I can talk much about my weekend with some of the people I went to high school with. It's hard not to say "girls" even though it's been more than 40 years. But that's what we were, and I guess always will be to each other. With nuance.

I have to go get the eye test where they dilate, so probably not more today, unless I ace the test, but I haven't aced anything since high school.

Some personal history

September 8, 2013

Tags: Twin Bing, Palmer Candy Company, Joe Foss, Sioux Falls, Varda

A fun thing in Sioux Falls was to go to the airport, Joe Foss Field (named after the WWII flying ace, American Football League commissioner, former governor, and possibly South Dakota’s most famous native son), and watch the plane take off or land. I’d say planes, but it wasn’t exactly a (more…)

By way of intro

August 22, 2013

Tags: high school, Sioux Falls

In high school, I wrote a column, called NauenThen, for the school newspaper, the Orange & Black. My two-years-younger brother went on to write NauenAgain, and my youngest sister didn’t write NauenForever. Forty years later, it occurs to me to revive that rubric for a more frequent outpouring. I’ve been wanting a deadline, to take a stand, to be interesting. Let’s see how it goes.