Celestial phenomenon

April 8, 2015

St. Patrick's Day 2015. Photo: NASA.
How cool that we got a green light show to celebrate St Paddy's Day! (I know I'm a little late with this.) And when was the last time there was an Irish pope? Never. There has never been an Irish pope. I guess this gorgeous sky was to make up for that. What colors are as deeply connected to a country as green with Ireland? Blue with ...? Orange with ... the Netherlands but I don't think people in general feel strongly about Holland. Red, white & blue with several countries but a color scheme isn't the same as a color. And no one ever says "she has the map of Poland [or Minnesota, or Ghana, or Ecuador] on her face." Only Ireland gets plastered on that fair freckled phiz. But! It doesn't in fact mean freckled, according to this website on Irish culture:

Phrase: He has the map of Ireland on his face
Irish: Tá cuma créigeach ar a aghaidh
Pronunciation: thaw kumah kray-gi-okh err ah eye
Note: Not a literal translation but "He has a craggy face." The colloquialism "map of Ireland on his face" applies only to a man and implies that the person's face is like the geographic features of the country. Our native Irish speaker says she hasn't heard the phrase in years.

Is that the map of Ireland on Aurora's face? Who looks Irish, anyway? Tip O'Neill? F. Scott Fitzgerald? Maureen O'Hara?