July 6, 2017

Tags: fireworks

We always go on the roof because we can never remember if we can or can't see the fireworks. I finally figured out, after living in the Ezra Pound for 40 years, that some years we can see them & some years we can't. Which is why we can't remember!

Last year they were down at the Seaport or out in the bay, & if we leaned out (dangerously) from the parapet of our roof, we could catch them pretty well. This year they were behind the Village View complex just to the north & east. We watched the sky get red or gold, heard oohing from neighboring roofs, but only saw a few sparks.

It's sad how much I like fireworks & how I don't get it together to seek them out.

And that's that for another whole year.


  1. July 7, 2017 6:26 PM EDT
    It means you know they'll be there next year...and you will too--optimism, like not forcing yourself to finish dessert.
    - D.M.