Design for living

March 26, 2017

Williamsburg at night, near A/D/O. I neglected to take a picture of the studio's periscope—you lie back on a couch & look up to see the street, Manhattan skyline & roof.
Was fortunate to attend the second Phil Patton Memorial (sadly) Lecture at the A/D/O designing studio in Brooklyn, thanks to an enduring friendship with Phil's wonderful wife Kathleen. This year's speaker was Dejan Sudjic, director of London's Design Museum, who made me see past my usual careless unconcern for anything but function (except when it comes to cars & Apple products). I bought & am reading his book of essays, B is for Bauhaus, Y is for YouTube: Designing the Modern World from A to Z. (As always, I'm a sucker for an abecedary.)