A bust

March 14, 2017

Tags: snow

Snow plow, Union Square.
This was my Facebook post:
East Village report: gym is closed, dentist is closed, laundry is closed, B&H (wheatgrass, baby!) is closed, Block is closed, & I am exfoliated from walking around in the icy pellety wind finding out.

Came home exhausted & didn't go out again all day. Whew!

WillisWeather® [Spartanburg, SC] explained: It was looking so promising, but it's weather. A storm yes, a blizzard with feet of snow no (except well inland). It intensified too fast and got too strong, that made it take a track further west closer to the coast (even inland at times) and that throws warm air aloft further west over you, mixing and changing snow to sleet & freezing rain, and maybe even rain for a while. It will turn back to all snow as the storm pulls away but by then the heaviest precipitation will be over. We all lose over this one. You missed your big one and I will see a tremendous amount of early season growth and flowers killed back due to temperatures in the low 20s pulled down behind the storm.


  1. March 15, 2017 6:43 PM EDT
    The thing was for those of us who love snow, this didn't feel like real snow. Instead, it was slush or sleet and not fun.
    - Barbara
  2. March 15, 2017 8:52 PM EDT
    I know! I was surprised today how much snow there really was, because it didn't seem like snow at all when it was coming down.
    - Elinor