Sleepy Sunday

December 20, 2015

Brunch at Rosie's, the Mexican place on 2nd & 2nd, with Johnny & Tara.

An hour-long business phone call.

Norwegian study.

Read (reading) several books: Elizabeth Bishop, Adam DeGraff, John Le Carré.

Threw out a pair of tights, a shirt, & a few more shards of glass from the giant mirror I accidentally broke on Friday.

Thank you notes to Paul for the party, Willis for the calendar, my sister for the shortbread.

A medium-long walk, trying to get up to the 6,793 steps I vowed to take today.

Maggie's & my weekly meet-up, where we analyze how the previous week has gone & what we plan to do in the days to come.

It might seem like a lot but it didn't seem like a lot.