The chickens & the eggs

June 16, 2015

Why do chickens lay eggs every day? Other birds don't do that, right? Does someone sit around training—coaxing? whipping?—chickens to lay daily?

It turns out they lay an egg a day till they have a clutch of about a dozen eggs that they then sit on. If the eggs are taken away, they keep laying.

Some further facts & a question:
* Some hens are bred to have a very long laying season.
* They need about 14 hours of daylight to lay consistently.
* Burmese python eggs are twice the size of chicken eggs.
* Two birds—the hooded pitohui and the ifrita kowaldi, both of Papua, New Guinea—str poisonous & it's possible that their eggs are as well.
* Do all eggs taste pretty much the same or are some disgusting?